Business Ethics in Islam

//Business Ethics in Islam

Business Ethics in Islam


By Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi

Detailed book covering the Islamic perspective on business dealings, ethics, relationships, & responsibilities.

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Business Ethics in Islam begins with a discussion on the relationship of human beings with this world, with their Creator, and their personal attitude towards time, money, affluence, and charity. The link between human efforts and Divine decree in seeking sustenance is explored along with the role of prayer (Du’a) and reliance on God (tawakkul) in pursuit of wealth.

Then it moves on to describe their interactions with fellow human beings while they go about pursuing material blessings: customers, employees, and business partners. Issues of truthfulness, honesty, and regard for the well-being of all, Muslims and non Muslims, is also discussed.

This is followed by an overview of the types of businesses and trades which are considered legitimate or otherwise in Islam. Issues of intoxicant drinks, animal products, and money related issues (interest [riba], bank activities, mutual funds, stock markets, and other trading instruments) is discussed.

Finally, it presents the challenges that Muslims generally face while working in the West: dress code, hijab and beard issues, religious holidays, daily and Friday prayers, office social events, etc.

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