In commemoration of the Shahadat of our esteemed 4th Imam, Maulana Rizvi is pleased to announce the 4th edition of Risalatul Huquq – A Charter of Universal Rights, brought to us by Imam Zaynul Abideen.

Before Islam, no society held a clear concept of reciprocity of rights. For the first time in the history of mankind, Islam established and enforced this sacred principle which all people strive to live by today, knowingly or unknowingly. In the Charter of Rights, the 4th Imam has skillfully delineated basic legal rights, while infusing morality and ethics throughout. It touches all walks of life, be it the rights of God, self, dependents, society, finances, and much more.

This book is a compilation of the translation work completed by Allamah Sayyid Saeed Akhtar Rizvi, along with his categorization of fifty headings and sub-headings according to the content bestowed upon us by the Imam.

Furthermore, this latest edition includes an in-depth commentary for every right described by the Imam, researched and presented by Hujjatul Islam Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi. Each segment is comprehensively discussed and analyzed, in an attempt to understand the depths of the words of the Holy Imam Zaynu ‘l-Abidin.